Fastening clips for compost-making sacks

For all types of basket composters, can be used several times.

Spring fasteners

Serve to tauten tarpaulins used in connection with wire mesh compost bins.

Compost lattice tarpaulin, with 7 eyelets and fixing springs

To cover the compost lattice, promotes rotting.

Compost-making sacks

For clean and biological compost-making.

Reinforced film / Reinforced film roll

Strong foil with grid reinforcement for garden, building and camping, tear resistant

Tarpaulin tensioners and connectors

For simple and safe connection or tensioning of fabric and mesh tarpaulins.

Eyelets for self-fitting

To fix PE films and tarpaulins, simple use.

Plant line

planting and sowing assistance, two plastic hooks 26 cm each and 15 m line.

Aluminium connection sections for bamboo root block

Complete aluminium connecting sections with nuts. Connects the ends of bamboo root block.

Bamboo root-block

This high stress-crack resistant HDPE material stops rhizomes ( runners) from running wild.

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