Banana Bunch Covers

Folag Banana Bunch Cover bags are used to improve banana's quality, appearance and protect from birds and pests. The bunch covers are available in different forms, colors and makings. Made for single or multiple use and taking into account local climate conditions.


Folag flagging tape

Use for marking, barring and pointing trees, agriculture and hydroponics. Easy use, easy tearing (no cutting needed), but still strong in wind, rain and sun (UV protected).


Folag Banana Clip-Sheet for professionals

Using Folag Banana Clip Sheets banana fruits grown have over 40% less wastage than traditionally grown bananas. Following effects can be observed:

   over 20  times less tips carring

   over 30% less bag rub

   over 30% less fresh handling damage

   over 20% less fresh knife cuts

   over 50% less animal damage


Thus Folag Banana Clip Sheets offer farmers many commercial and productivity benefits.