Subsoil fabric

Water-permeable PP fabric for use under hedging bushes, flagstones, paths and ornamental gardens. consolidates the substrate and reduces weeds that are already beneath the soil.

Mulching fibre fleece

Prevents growth of weeds, water and air permeable.

Special strawberries mulching film

This film serves as a surface mulch for the cultivation of strawberries and other
crops and prevents weed growth.

Mulching film

Keeps patches free of weeds, soil stays biologically active and moist.

Drainage felt for plants

Thanks to our drainage fleece, expanded clay pellets are kept apart from the
potting compost.

Weed-prevention fleece

In cultivated areas, ensures weed-free bads, borders and reduces the flushing out of seeding compost. Retains soil heat and humidity for longer and as a result, promotes better soil life that benefits plants.

Bark-mulch film

As a substrate for bark mulch. Reduces undesired weeds and prevents the mixing of chipped bark and seeding compost.

Climate mulching film

Porous structure favours exchange of air and moisture.

Fleece cover for tomatoes

Hooded fleece for early sowing and protection against inclement weather.

Early harvest net

Effective protection from frost.

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