Going to work at Folag Vietnam is boring ?

Recently taking position as the new Sales Manager for Folag Vietnam,

Every day I am riding on my devoted motorbike about 1 hour from my home to Binh Duong (some 40km of distance). 

For many westerners, it seems to be a kind of "boring" or simply "ordinary" on their way to the office, usually done by train, metro, bus, car or other usual conveyance. But for me, every day is a new challenge, new discoveries and constantly being aware of the crazy traffic in Vietnam. Whether it is the opposing circulation while you are on a one way road, or being part of a motorbike traffic jam (estimated of over 5 millions 2 wheels in Ho Chi Minh City) at any hour of the day, or people, animals and strange overloaded vehicles crossing the street without caring about the traffic lights, or when roads turning to rivers in a short of time after heavy rain and countless incredible circumstances you can (or can't) imagine... 

If one could write a book about the traffic incidents in Ho Chi Minh, I guess it would be a never ending story.

And obviously, it reflects how this society actually works. 

So If you want to live and work here: DRIVE or DIVE !

Tim Nguyen